Rohit Earned HTC (refurbished) smart phone.

Diginabled at

Rohit, who is studying in XIth standard also an electrical apprentice, has earned his first smartphone with Though its a refurbished HTC model but it will perform all the necessary tasks that of a smartphone. Rohit is still not 18 years old, which makes him bound to ask someone else to get him a Sim card. To our amazement, no one from his surroundings is ready to help him. People around him keep repeating that there is no need to use a smartphone. At one side, we are talking about making India a Digitally Enabled nation but the ground reality is something else. Still, there is a lot to be done.

Talking about how this smartphone is going to help Rohit, this will not be going to only help him in staying connected to the world of the Internet but also opens numerous ways in which he can learn and achieve his vision with quality and quantity of exposure on the Internet. Alongside learning things practically, E-learning will add more dimensions to his knowledge and keep him posted about the latest in the world. The vision of taking his business online being a freelancer can only come true when is digitally learned and sufficient to operate the Internet.

Once we get a new smartphone, we usually sell the older one or just keep it with us. Instead, that device can be donated to such people who cannot afford one but are willing to learn the technology. Most of the smartphones are being dumped and the sad part is there are not much E-waste recycling plants available in comparison to the waste which is to be recycled. Donating our old smartphones is a way of recycling them and also minimizing the actual dumping beside increasing the number of people with a cellphone that is connected to the Internet.

At whitenterprises, we work in such a way so that we also grow by helping others. The efforts from White Enterprises ( to stabilize the living conditions of the poor or less learned people are indeed working to create a better place to live in. It feels great to be part of an organization which works to take everyone forward with them.

If you are seeing this and you require a certain type of help from us;
please connect with them on Whatsapp Business: +918248521844

You can contribute anywhere from Re 1/- to support the cause. 

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