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When it comes to helping people and making them digitally connected, is just doing the job. Dinesh who was using a broken cell phone and finding it hard to stay connected with everyone has earned a mobile device costing around $14.99 with us at White Enterprises.

He is able to connect with his family on a daily basis now. We feel good that people like Dinesh can be helped in today's world with such collective effort of our firm and people who donate us.

The efforts from White Enterprises ( to stabilize the living conditions of the poor people are indeed working to create a better place to live in. It feels great to be part of an organization which works to take everyone forward with them.

Brother Dinesh Contact: +919646600728

If you are seeing this and you require a certain type of help from us;
please connect with them on Whatsapp Business: +918248521844

You can contribute anywhere from Re 1/- to support the cause. 

Google Pay: +918447614311 
Paytm: +918447614311 
MobiKwik: +918447614311 

Warm Regards


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